What Is Bi Attraction?

The definition of bi attraction has been widely debated throughout the queer community. It was originally known as “attraction to both genders”, however as our knowledge and awareness around gender increased and we discovered an entire spectrum of non-binary genders, this definition became problematic. To say “both” genders implies that there are only two genders, which is false and considerably transphobic.

The definition changed to “attraction to two or more genders” to become more inclusive. This is still a generally accepted term and is commonly used to describe bi attraction, however there has been some backlash from people who insist this phrasing is not linguistically accurate. This is because the Latin prefix “bi” translates to “doubly, having two” and not “two or more”. Although we can argue that this translation was the root of the word but our language is constantly changing as we develop a greater understanding of gender and sexuality, I prefer to avoid this confrontation by describing bi attraction as “attraction to the same and other genders”. This becomes easier to explain when giving definitions for hetero and homo attraction as well; hetero being “attraction to other genders”, stemming from the Greek word “heteros” meaning “other”, and homo being “attraction to the same gender”, stemming from the Greek word “homo” meaning “same”.

No matter how it’s phrased, bi attraction simply means that you feel romantic and/or sexual attraction to multiple genders.


Written by K.C.

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