The hilarious ‘The Axis of Awesome” front woman, Jordan Raskopoulos lends her support to our campaign… Beautiful words from a beautiful woman.

“What I only worked out recently is that pride is the opposite of shame. And now that I am out and making myself part of the community, I am becoming proud. And if you are isolated and are alone geographically or socially, then maybe you’re ashamed and you don’t have to be. You know there are communities online, there are groups – I have a Facebook page, you can message me too. If we reach out and become apart of this community together, we can all be proud of ourselves and one another. So, I’m proud of me now, and I’m proud of you too.”

The amazing Faustina Agolley – DJ FUZZY, lends her support to our campaign.

“I think when I first starting having the feels for the ladies, that’s when I thought that it was wrong and I shut down the feelings within myself. It’s so obviously not the case because that’s systemic homophobia seeping into our brains! So, my message to those who may feel isolated or still figuring out their sexual identity, you’re certainly not alone. I reckon definitely be discerning with those that are around you and make sure that you can find yourself in a situation where you can feel comfortable to be you and to have a space where other people can hold for you with the upmost respect because you deserve it.”

Comedian and former Triple J presenter Tom Ballard, provides our first #ThisCampaignIsQueer Testmonial‬, filmed live at our launch at Brunswick Town Hall.

“I realised I was gay was I was about 15 years-old and I kept that to myself for 3 years. I’d often cry myself to sleep at night because I felt alone and I didn’t know many other gay people … thankfully though I love my life now thanks to my friends, my family, and through awesome role models and through learning about the world and about queer culture, I’ve come to love my life… If you’re feeling sad or alone I want to let you know that you are beautiful, they is absolutely nothing wrong with you. The things that needs to change is society, not you. Keep being you, keep loving your life and strong because you’re not alone and there’s lots of people who care about you.”

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